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First Nations Films

  First Nations Films

First Nations Films has specialized in the creation of First Nations documentaries for over 30 years. As an multi-award-winning production team we write, shoot, produce, direct and edit. And with our many years experience as a professional broadcast workplace we create professional films respected internationally. We have extensive knowledge of traditional TV as well as media for the web and expertise in digital approaches to video production and direction. We have won many prestigious awards for documentaries.


- creates and distributes award-winning television documentary films for, by and about Indigenous people - Sharing Our Stories! Our exclusive programs are distributed to broadcasters, schools, libraries, universities and other individuals and institutions throughout the world.

Specializing in the inception, creation and distribution of hard-to-write television, video and educational programs about native people is First Nations Films. Through our reputation for the creation of award-winning insightful and quality programs FIRST NATIONS FILMS has become a force in the Global market and continues to create works of excellence!

If you would like to submit your film for distribution consideration please contact Richard - richard@firstnationsfilms.com

Call us to order films, for consultation or to discuss bringing your stories and ideas to life!


DISTRIBUTION ALL OVER THE WORLD - FIRST NATIONS FILMS - distributes our exclusive collection of films all over this world, all over this globe. Groups, educators and individuals from the Out backs of Australia to the far reaches of Canada's north, from Vancouver Island to the coast of Japan have purchased and are using our films in their classrooms, schools and libraries. From the shelves of Harvard University to the desks of Brandon University, First Nations Films educates and entertains people from all over the world as we spread "Our Stories" and concerns about First Nations People.


PEOPLE LOVE OUR FILMS! - Wonderful emails and notes from many of you about how you love our films and how you have positive feedback from your groups and classrooms. One man called our films "hidden gems" and wished he could tell everyone about them. Keep those notes coming as we love the feedback.


First Nations Films is first a production company - contact us to discuss bringing your film ideas to life. richard@firstnationsfilms.com


Richard Hersley - Managing Producer

Richard is a professional broadcast television producer, director, photographer and editor with over 35 years hands-on experience in all elements of professional broadcast production. He has worked with and created films for First Nations and First Nations communities for over 30 years and has promoted and distributed First Nations documentaries to educational institutions for over 25 years. Richard has worked tirelessly for his whole career to bring out the truth about First Nations in Canada.


FirstNationsFilms-Award FirstNationsFilms-Award FirstNationsFilms-Award FirstNationsFilms-Award FirstNationsFilms-Award award


American Indian Film Festival
Native American Journalists Assoc.
Dream Speakers
Native American Journalists Assoc.
Canadian Cable TV Association
Buckskin Video Festival



MAKING TREATIES IN BC – GLOBAL TV Director / Shooter / Editor
(On understanding modern treaties)

WHOSE LAND IS THIS? – GLOBAL TV Co-Director / Shooter / Co-Editor
(on the native land question in BC)

NATIVE WOMEN: POLITICS – GLOBAL Director / Shooter / Editor
(on the changing roles of Native Women)

BEAT OF THE DRUM - 4 SIGHT – BCTV Director / Writer / Shooter / Editor
(profiling native musicians)

THE MEDICINE WHEEL - 4 SIGHT – BCTV Director / Editor / Shooter
(on native spirituality and ceremony)

ECHOES OF THE SISTERS - Knowledge Network Director / Shooter / Editor
(on breast cancer and native women)

CIRCLES OF LIFE – (SPACE) – (in production) Producer / Director / Writer
(on the meaning of the ancient stone circles in Canada)

BOUNDARIES – GLOBAL – (in production) Producer / Director / Writer
(the Indian “business” in Canada)


Aboriginal Rights (GLOBAL) – 3 programs Director/ Shooter / Editor

4 SIGHT (BCTV) – 4 programs Director / Shooter / Co-Writer

INDIGENI (GLOBAL) - pilot Director / Shooter / Story Editor

The Artist: SERIES (CKY) – 39 programs Editor / Writer / Director

GENERATION (Moffat) – 39 programs Producer / Director / Editor / Shooter

CONSUMER ADVICE (Moffat) – 52 programs Producer / Writer / Editor / Shooter


first nations First Nations Films

Cherished by broadcasters, schools, libraries, universities, individuals and institutions throughout the world. Finally the truth about First Nations people! Award-winning television documentaries and dramas. Sharing Our Stories! For, By and About First Nations People. First Nations Films distributes our exclusive collection of educational films all over the world! Comes with Public Performance Rights. Standard streaming prices are posted but we will do our best to fit prices to your needs.



Video is the medium of education and entertainment. You Tube is now the second largest searched engine on the internet. From concept, thru pre-production to writing, shooting and editing with special effects - we work with you, utilizing our years of television experience, to create just the right video product for you and for your budget.

camera First Nations Films - contact us to discuss bringing your film ideas to life. richard@firstnationsfilms.com